« When someone is working the memory and on the Work of an Artist, he has to gather the more pieces of information he can in order to write his biography. It’s the first step to discover the Artist. This biography and the inventory of all the works and paintings of the Artist give the frame of the evolution of the work of the Artist.

It’s necessary to do so for the memory’s work on the artistic work of Dan Sabatay.

Dan Sabatay

But as I work on the paintings of my father, an Artist, I also put forward the links we had together and the links I had with his work. On top of that, there is the great pleasure I had when I was a kid and a teenager to see every day his paintings, to talk with him about his work, to discover new technics, to live beside, “next to” his studio.

I would like to share with you the pleasure I had to discover his work right from the beginning to the final cut and to look every day at matters, pigments, colours, paints, inks, papers, materials…»

Anne Sabatay, May 2014