Realization of two frescos made with enameled Volvic lava (570 square-metre) that frame the main entrance to the Faculty of Science at the University of Paris, Jussieu Realized thanks to the special French public subsidies called the 1% Malraux Recently restored

Architect : Albert, Cassan, Coulon
Painter : Léon Gischia (1903 – 1991)

This University is rich of many artistic creations of Modern Art and it is one of the main important example of the French cultural promotion of modern Arts. André Malraux, the French minister of Culture, wanted that some famous modern Artists decorated this new university. It is one of the most famous illustration of the artistic creations outdoors and of the dialogue between architecture and Arts.



During two years (1970-1971), Dan Sabatay worked with the painter Léon Gishia on the production of two frescos in lava stone, over a 570 square metre dimension. Afraid that an enlargement would not remain loyal to the initial project as planned, they decided to enamel the frescos on site, by installing the ceramicist’s studio and ovens at the University campus.

Framing the main entrance of the University of Science of Jussieu in Paris, these two frescos represent the artist’s transposition of a section of a cell, as seen through a microscope, and are made on lava stone enameled sheets of 18 x 15 metres.

Dan Sabatay Dan Sabatay Dan Sabatay

Preparatory works and sketches

Some preparatory works of the Painter Gishia and preparatory sketches to help the enameling.

Dan Sabatay Dan Sabatay Dan Sabatay

The Fresco in the town

Dan Sabatay Dan Sabatay Dan Sabatay Dan Sabatay

The recent restoration of the Frescoes.

From 2012 up to the first trimester of 2014, The EPAURIF ,“La Gare Architect”, architect and Cécile Charpentier, restoration of art worked on the project with Socra Cie in charge of the wall. Adriana Blendea and Aurélia Lienart realized the restoration of the frescoes in February.

Dan Sabatay Dan Sabatay Dan Sabatay Dan Sabatay
Dan Sabatay Dan Sabatay Dan Sabatay Dan Sabatay

Overview of the Frescoes

Jussieu Jussieu Jussieu Jussieu

The EAST Wall

Jussieu Jussieu Jussieu Jussieu Jussieu Jussieu Jussieu Jussieu

The WEST Wall

Jussieu Jussieu Jussieu Jussieu


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